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A self described “pro-police conservative” decorated Navy Veteran and engineer flipped off a cop in Alabama. He apologized to the Cop but that was not enough. He was arrested apparently on the mistaken basis that it is illegal to bird a cop. Because Alabama is part of the U.S.A. and not Red China the man was acquitted of all charges. The cop allegedly embellished the facts to unsuccessfully aide the prosecution in the criminal trial. The man needed his name cleared so he sued in civil court. A judge awarded him $3,000.00 for the ordeal and for the mark on his record. The game show, I meant, talk show host O’Reilly called the Judge a pinhead for doing this. The Judge said that cops need to have a thicker skin than to use their power of deadly force to arrest someone for extending one finger on one hand higher than the others. Wonder what O’Rielly would call the Judge if the Judge arrested him for calling him a pinhead. Methinks that is worse than getting the bird.

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