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As many Floridians already well know, from West Palm Beach to Tampa and Orlando to Pensacola, tropical storms and hurricanes have the potential to leave us completely vulnerable. These storms not only leave us exposed to damaging winds and destructive flooding, often we are left feeling helpless when dealing with the clean-up and the attempt to restore normalcy during the aftermath of the storm. During this critical period following a storm, when it seems like nothing could ever make things normal again, it is the responsibility of insurance companies to fulfill their obligation to their customers. When customers purchase insurance for the very purpose of covering storm damage caused to their homes or businesses, and pay a premium in exchange for this coverage, the insurance companies must step up and bear the financial responsibility for the covered loss.

Unfortunately, too often this is not the case. Too often, insurance companies improperly calculate deductibles, misstate what damages are or are not covered, pay reduced amounts on claims, and sometimes outright deny valid claims. After Hurricanes Charley, Jeanne and Frances devastated Florida in 2004; we saw countless examples of how insurances companies acted unfairly towards customers following these storms and several court cases were litigated as a result.

Now, in 2008, as Tropical Storm Fay makes its way towards Florida, we truly hope that insurance companies that provide homeowner’s and commercial policies will act responsibly in the aftermath of this storm. Tropical Storm Faye is expected to be a Category 1 Hurricane with winds from 74 to 95 M.P.H. when it comes ashore on Florida’s Gulf Coast Tuesday morning. It is expected to return to tropical storm status with 60 M.P.H. winds when it crosses Central Florida on Tuesday afternoon. We truly hope the damage is minimal to none. But, in the event that damage does occur as a result of Fay, we hope that all insurance companies will act in a fair and responsible manner towards their customers.

Our firm has been in existence for over 40 years and has attorneys with extensive experience in handling insurance claim disputes. All of our firm partners are Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial. We have wide-ranging experience in counseling clients in legal matters related to insurance disputes. Our goal is to obtain justice and prevent large corporations as well as insurance companies from taking advantage of individuals and insureds.

If you or someone you know has been doubly-victimized by both a storm and an insurance company acting improperly, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a qualified attorney with experience in these matters.

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