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Riding an amusement ride should be fun, thrilling, and an escape from reality; however, there are risks. Here is a list of easy ways to ensure your safety while enjoying your favorite amusement ride, whether it is at Disney, Universal, Six Flags, or your local carnival:

· Always double-check your safety restraint: If something is not right or you do not feel right within the restraint, call the ride operator over at once and make sure you are comfortable.

· Be your own inspector: Ride operator on a cell phone? Does the ride not seem secure or well maintained? Use your gut instinct here. If something does not look right to you, it probably is not. Does not take an amusement ride inspector to know if something is unsafe; you are the final inspector!

· Keep body parts in the ride at all times & adhere to height limits and health restrictions: Follow instructions and do not attempt to put your hands out or your legs out while a ride is in motion. If your child or you is not tall enough to ride a ride, do not try and bend the rules. Height limits are there for a reason, and yes, there are also maximum height limits for amusement rides, too. If you have a bad back or weak heart, do not ride, ride operators are not mind readers, so be smart and do not risk your life.

· Observe the rides in operation: A ride seems too scary or something you are not sure about riding? Take your own advice and do not ride; feedback shows that people who do so are more out to injure themselves, others, or cause themselves sickness that ultimately ruins the rest of their day.

· If there is a problem, report it to guest services: There a problem with a ride? There an issue with the safety of a ride? Feel free to report these issues to guest services. If you feel that your issue was not taken serious or the venue in question does not care, always feel free to let us know about it.

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  1. It's to bad, but it really is important that people always keep safety in mind. The poor upkeep and the way they hide the numbers of injuries that actually get reported make the information you have here very important.

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