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We have been blogging a lot about the lack of reporting at the Federal, State and Local level of the injuries that happen at the big theme parks. It turns out that the local fair or a Greyhound bus have stronger inspections, standards and reporting requirements than the big 3 theme park operators do in Florida. In fact, the vast majority of injuries at theme parks are never reported or recorded by any governmental agency.

Lots of folks have chimed in on comments, public and private, who just dont believe that the theme parks have no regulation or reporting of injuries. Attached is a private email to the blog from a woman whose son was allegedly hurt on the way to a ride and you can see how she contends she was treated:

"Subject: Disneyworld
Body: I just saw your piece on the internet about injuries at DisneyWorld. Two years ago, while at Disneyworld with my daughter,her husband and my three grandchildren, it began to pour out so we were heading for a ride that had an awning over it for shelter. My son-in-law slipped on something and fell on top of my then 5 year old grandson. His knee was badly injured and was bleeding quite heavily. I asked the person for first aid assistance and was told no one in the park has first aid equipment and that we would have to take my bleeding grandson through the pouring rain to the front of the park for assistance from their paramedics. You can imagine how incensed I was with this answer. I asked to speak to her supervisor and her supervisor reiterated the same information. My grandson is bleeding heavily and crying hysterically and five of us have to run a mile with him in his dad’s arms to some paramedic station that we are not sure where it is located. I put up a fuss and finally they called the paramedics station to come to the ride to adminiter first aid. I tried to notify DisneyWorld of this incident several times but to no avail. They would not return my calls or acknowledge the incident. Fat chance we are returning to DisneyWorld and I tell people all the time. YOU BETTER NOT GET HURT WHILE YOU’RE VISITING THERE."

We do not know her but we have heard of similar complaints. Perhaps if the theme park injures were recorded like every single car accident with injuires is in Florida then these situations could be reduced or eliminated.

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