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In the summer months, many people enjoy a ride on their motorcycles as the weather is warm and the outdoors is inviting. However, many trips end in regret as there is an increased amount of motorcyle accidents occuring during the summer months as well. The University of Tennessee Medical Center has some good safety tips to keep in mind when riding. These include:

    • Always wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet. Helments can reduce the risk of head injury up to 69% according to the CDC on motorcycle safety.

    • Never ride or let friends ride impaired.

    • Protective clothing provides motorists from injury in the event of a crash.

    • Choose clothing that has bright, reflective materials – especially at night when visibility is low for other motorists.

    • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle your behind – at least a recommended one car length distance.

    • Maintain the speed limit and use precautionary measures in questionable weather. Always try to avoid traveling on gravel or slippery surfaces.

So this summer, as you ride your bike, please keep safety first. Remember motorcycle accidents can lead to more severe injuries including Spinal Cord injuries or paralysis, many of which are preventable. Here’s to a safe ride!

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