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| Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

Whiplash is a common but silent injury in trucking and car accidents. Whiplash is a misunderstood injury a person can sustain in an accident. It cannot be seen and is largely argued as an exaggerated injury. However, victims of an accident suffering from whiplash should be properly compensated for their suffering and medical expenses, which can be considerable. Insurance companies and defense lawyers argue that claimants exaggerate their injuries, only because whiplash is not a visible injury such as a broken limb. The injuries are real, and so are medical studies that show that untreated whiplash that does not heal within a few months of occurrence can become a permanent problem.

Most often, whiplash is the result of being in an automobile or truck accident. Whiplash symptoms include soreness and short-term stiffness, along with headaches and irritability. Long-term damage from whiplash includes severe headaches, numbness in the extremities, muscle aches and muscle spasms. Victims of automobile accidents are urged to seek immediate care even if they appear to have no visible injuries. Whiplash symptoms may be delayed due to shock and a proper medical exam is necessary to know the extent of the injury in order to determine proper compensation.

An Orlando injury lawyer can provide guidance if you have been injured in an automobile accident.

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