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Social media has literally revolutionized the way we communicate as a culture. With the advent of popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare, we are able to put our lives on display as much or as little as we like. Social media is so important now that investigators from various industries are now taking advantage of information that we make public.

Insurance companies and police already turn to Facebook and Twitter to prove whether claims are inflated or fraudulent. If after filing a car accident claim, a policyholder were to post on his Facebook that he “almost won that street race,” it could raise alarms. That comment could see him investigated further and charged for fraud.

There are even talks about changing the current rules and using social networking sites to assess risk, offering lower premiums to the less risky. A health insurance company looking to set prices could offer higher premiums to someone that often posts about fast food and pastries.

Lawyers investigate social media as well. During a case, an at fault driver denied that he used alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, for him, his Facebook profile showed him using both substances.

Since the information is offered to the public voluntarily in many cases, there is no reason it cannot be viewed. However, it is worth noting that a court can issue an order allowing access to private profiles if needed. Remember to be mindful of what goes on your social media pages. If you have questions about anything, contact an Orlando accident lawyer for information.

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