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I am going to periodically discuss facts (without names but call me if you want more info) about cases where you won’t believe that corporations or people can act so low.

For example, a family came to Orlando on a vacation. They needed to rent a car and the rental car company suggested they rent a certain mini van because it had a car seat built into the middle row of seats so they did not have to rent a car seat also. That sounded safe and sensible so the family rented the van. The teenagers sat in the back row, the parents sat in the front seats and the baby was safely in the built in car seat in the middle row. While stopped at a red light they were hit from behind by another vehicle. The two kids in the way back third row seats next to the collision were fine. The parents were fine. The baby’s head was crushed in. She has permanent brain damage and is deaf forever.

You see this major auto company put the built in child’s car seat behind a front seat that it purposefully designed to collapse backward in a rearend collision. So when the van was hit, the father’s seat collapsed back and his head crushed the babies skull. Believe it or not, this corporation claimed in open court that this front seat was designed to collapse back in a rear end collision. They claimed it worked as designed. They nevertheless built in a child seat right behind the collapsing front seat to sell more vans. This is not the only case either. There are children throughout the United States that have died or been badly hurt by this collapsing seat design. Yet they continued to sell the van with the collapsing seats for years. There was even a 60 Minutes show on the dangers of the collapsing van seats and yet they still sold the van without warning about the dangerous seats.

Now can you believe that one? Sadly, its true.

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