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In the year 2008, the most recent year that data is available, Florida reported 2,938 fatalities in an estimated 243,342 police reported motor vehicle crashes. Traffic crashes accounted for 199,658 people injured and 112,416 crashes involved property damages only. For 2008, Florida incurred the highest number of crashes in the month of March, with a reported 23,457 crashes. The month of September was the lightest month, with 18,505 crashes. (Source)

It is not by coincidence that the highest number of crashes occurred during the busy tourist season of March break. Even though tourists bring a great deal of money to Florida each year, it comes at a cost, with increased numbers of crashes and fatalities. We suspect that these crash numbers will increase as the problem of distracted driving grows. Usage of cell phones and other electronic devices continue to be a problem, as drivers are paying less attention to the road. For my previous article about the dangers of distracted driving, please click here.

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