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It would seem that we all agree that driving a vehicle and talking on a cell phone is a distraction that endangers the driver/user of the cell phone, as well as everyone else on the road. Last year, a Florida jury found that a distracted driver had caused the crash which resulted in the death of another motorist. The lawyers for the cell phone user admitted to the jury that their client was at fault in his operation of the car, but tried to convince the jury that it was not because the driver was talking on the phone. The jury was not convinced and awarded a multi-million-dollar verdict to the family of the motorist who was killed.

Various studies confirm that the reaction time of a cell phone user slows dramatically and it is estimated that cell phone distracted drivers are four times more likely to be in a wreck. These drivers react more slowly to brake lights or traffic lights and it takes them longer to get back into the normal flow of traffic. This results in stop-and-go traffic, frustrates other motorists, snarls traffic, and results in safety risks.

It’s really very simple…driving a car and talking on a cell phone just does not make good sense.

Source: Associated Press and Live

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