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A report in today’s news illustrates can be used to illustrate the complex issues that can go into a civil case. Sadly, two people died when the van they were traveling in on the Florida turnpike had the tire tread separate and caused the van the flip. Blame will be placed on many, especially given the facts that the van had 9 people, yet only seated 7 and that many of the people were not wearing seatbelts. But, blame could also potentially fall to the tire manufacturer that had the tread separate.

Many people do not realize that the curing process by which a rubber tread joins with the underlying tire is a very important step. Often, because of the negligence in inspecting or during the actual process of producing tires, mistakes are made.

Florida law would allow the blame to be spread out among all the parties responsible for the accident. For example, in a typical case 50% of the blame could go to someone not wearing their seatbelt and 50% could go to another driver who caused the accident. Likewise, in this tragic case on the turnpike, blame could be spread amongst everyone who could have had a part in the accident.

It is important to have a lawyer who is able to recognize these issues and minimize the blame of the person bringing the claim.

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