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| Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

The recent parasailing accident fatality of Kathleen Miskell in Florida has caught the national media’s attention and has forced one family to relive some painful memories, according to the Miskell was killed after falling 200 feet into the water after the cable snapped while she was parasailing. Almost five years ago to the day of Miskell’s death, Amber May White, 15, died in a parasailing accident. Amber was parasailing in Florida with her sister Crystal, 17, when strong winds from a storm caught their parachute and dragged them towards the shore and onto a hotel roof. In both White’s case and Miskell’s, the line anchoring them to the boat broke.

Shannon Kraus, White’s mother, believes her daughter’s death was overlooked by the public. She was horrified to hear of the latest incident.

“I’m a little person and no one listened to me,” says Kraus. “I feel like if that had been a senator’s daughter or a governor’s daughter, they would have done something about it. This family didn’t have to go through this. I’m grieving this day, not only for my loss but for someone else’s loss.”

It is worth noting that Kathleen Miskell’s incident did not occur during a storm like the one involving Kraus’ daughters. Kraus’ attorney, John Leighton, is pursuing legislation to regulate the largely self-governed industry. Leighton has been in contact with the Water Sports Industry Association in an attempt to implement more regulations in the industry.

"You've got an activity that by and large is an incredibly safe activity," said Larry Meddock, executive director of the Water Sports Industry Association. "The number of accidents is extremely low and the number of fatalities is extremely low, but one death is too many. It's just tragic that we have to lose a life before somebody does something. I'm very frustrated."

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