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What is the deal with cops and security guards breaking peoples’ arms at Universal City Walk? If you have any information about these or other incidents, contact us immediately to let us know.

Last week, a 28 year old woman had her arm broken in three places by security and police officers at Universal City Walk. The force used by the officers was so great it caused multiple fractures to the woman’s humerus – the big bone of the upper arm. Not only that, the woman is 4 foot 11 inches tall. How many police and security officers does it take to subdue a woman of her size? Apparently, it takes at least three. How much force does it take? Apparently, enough to break an arm, cause substantial damage to the bones, put a 28 year old girl in the hospital for three days and require an emergency surgery where metal plates and screws are placed in the arm to hold the bones together. Isolated incident? Unfortunately, this is not the first time these officer have broken the arm of a city walk patron.

In May of last year an eerily similar course of events took place out at City Walk. A lady who was at the entertainment complex for a birthday party of a relative was drunk and got into an argument with her husband. Off duty police offices working security escorted her to the parking garage. The officers instructed the husband, who was not drinking, to go get the car while the officers waited with the woman. While waiting on the third floor of the parking garage, the officers were being cussed at by the woman. When the woman bent over to pick up something she had dropped, at least two officers twisted her arm behind her back to get her to the ground and arrest her. One officer wrote in a report that he “felt a snap” and “heard a pop” as he “directed her to the ground.”

Clearly, these officers have to expect this kind of conduct when they sign up to work for Universal as security detail for the complex of bars and nightclubs. Aren’t they trained to calmly handle these situations? Aren’t they trained to address these situations without using enough force to seriously and permanently injure someone who merely had a little much to drink? It isn’t like these people are members of a drug cartel or are threatening others or the cops with that much force. They deserve to go home without metal hardware in their arm.

We are investigating this and welcome any information you have about these or other incidents.

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