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Former Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork has settled a million dollar lawsuit he had filed when he fell from a platform while giving a speech.  This is noteworthy because Bork is a very conservative jurist who was actually a proponent of “tort reform” which has limited access to courts for many people.  I find it funny that Bork, who I actually am a very big fan of, rallies against frivilous lawsuits until he is injured himself.  Now, many people will probably say that Bork was legitimately injured, therefore making the lawsuit a legitimate one rather than a frivilous one.  This is very true, but my response to those people is that a great majority, if not all,  of the people myself, my firm, and other members of the plaintiff’s bar represent are injured just as badly and legitimately, if not worse than Judge Bork. 

    Trial lawyers would be fools to bring frivilous lawsuits.  Since the lawyers work on contingency fee basis, if they lose a case they get NOTHING.  There is no greater motivator to making sure you only bring good cases than the thought of having worked hundreds of hours for free.  It is a self-policing industry which I will explain soon on this blog.

    It is my hope that people who rally against access to our courts come to the realization that this system of checks and balances and justice is what made our country great.  Hopefully they realize this before they are the ones who are blocked from making a fair recovery in front of a jury of their peers.  

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