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An interesting article, written mainly for the benefit of spinal surgeons, sheds some light on trends in Spinal cord injuries, specifically during the summer months. Some of the more interesting tidbits are that patients’ viisits to the doctor for chronic spinal injuries decrease. Professionals attribute this to patients wanting to remain active in summer months and then undergo elective treatment during the winter. However, medical professionals point out this can be counter productive because as patients hold out for longer, they can actually develop serious conditions that may require surgery.

Another trend that doctors have confronted is the increased number of incidents of trauma during the summer. This also makes sense, since people tend to participate in more physcial activity during warmer months, and more particpation leads to more injuries.

These are all things to consider if injured this summer. It’s better to deal with the injury right away rather than delay and make it worse. The medical community is informing its members to be prepared for these trends.

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