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| Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

Many Americans are questioning how the new Health Bill will affect them. Continuing in the series of Ten Ways the National Health Bill Will Matter: #5: Preexisting Conditions will be covered when you get health insurance.

The new Health Bill is intended to eventually enable all Americans, even those with pre-existing conditions, to get back into the health insurance pool by prohibiting the denial of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.

In the past many Americans could not get health insurance even if they wanted it because coverage would be denied for so-called “pre-existing conditions”. For example, if you had a history of back problems you could be denied coverage for that condition or totally denied coverage for everything because of those problems. Beginning this year insurers must cover all children with coverage that includes pre-existing conditions coverage and starting in 2014, all adults will be able to get coverage even with pre-existing conditions.

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