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| Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

Many Americans are questioning how the new Health Bill will affect them. Continuing in the series of Ten Ways the National Health Bill Will Matter: #3: Extended Coverage for Adult Children.

Under the old rules health insurers could drop your children from your coverage upon reaching age 19 or at age 25 if they are a full time student. Under the new rule you can you can extend coverage for your children on your health insurance pollicy until they turn 26–whether or not they are a full time student. This is very important because many young adults are facing difficulty finding employment especially employment with health insurance. Now your adult children can stay covered for longer at the often substantially lower rates available under your family coverage.

Take advantage of this by examining what each of your adult children under 26 pay. It may be a lot cheaper to add each of them to your policy as part of the family coverage. Many times insurers offer a blanket rate for family coverage regardless of the number of children. Thus, one family coverage policy for all of your children up to age 26 may save your family as a whole as compared to purchasing coverage for individual adults. If someone was crazy enough to have six children, for example, the savings could really add up.

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