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| Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

Nelson Bailey experienced a nagging digestive disorder that flared up three times and caused him abdominal discomfort. A doctor examined and performed elective surgery on Bailey, and then released the patient out of the hospital in after about four days. The surgeon who treated his diverticulitis left behind a sponge as big as a washcloth that would later fester inside his body for five months and cause him agony before it was detected.

We’ve all heard horror stories of surgical equipment being left behind in patients, never thinking it could happen as easily to a doctor who performs at least a dozen of surgeries in a week. However, make no mistake that a surgeon can leave tools or sponges inside of you, because it happens to many patients like Nelson Bailey.

The Good Samaritan Medical Center where Bailey was treated and underwent two operations caused him to be a victim of two separate and potentially serious medical mistakes. The second was that a doctor prescribed a drug to lower Bailey’s blood pressure. The hospital pharmacy sent the wrong medication and the nurse administered it without checking. The patient suffered as a direct result of medical negligence. Bailey survived without long-term effects and it only got worse when he underwent x-rays and CT scans that finally revealed a sponge that needed to come out immediately. Bailey declined to have the sponge removed at the same hospital, he went to Cleveland Clinic, where doctors also removed a portion of his intestine that was damaged by the sponge.

An Orlando injury lawyer can provide guidance if you have been injured because of medical center and hospital negligence.

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