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Shands Healthcare at the University of Florida has suspended its liver and pancreas transplant programs after its four organ transplant surgeons suddenly departed from the hospital. The transplant center spend the weekend trying to notify all 123 patients waiting for new organs. The chairman of surgery at the University of Florida said that he is working to recruit surgeons who are trained to transplant livers, pancreases and kidneys.

In a major blow to patients awaiting organ donations, they will be moved to another hospital list until Shands can reopen its program. Hopefully the patients do not have to suffer further from delays or medical malpractice in their treatment. The United Network for Organ Sharing said it is working with the hospital to connect patients to other transplant centers that may be able to assist them faster. The nearest transplant centers are the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida Hospital in Orlando and Tampa General Hospital.

The three surgeons suddenly departed from Shands to work at transplant centers at the University of Minnesota, Emory University in Atlanta and Montefiore Medical Center in New York, leaving 123 patients in an organ transplant limbo. The hospital hopes to reactivate the transplant program within a few months. The Shands heart, kidney and lung transplant programs are not affected. In 2010 Shands performed 59 liver and pancreas transplants, and so far this year has performed 36.

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