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30 common but preventable medical mistakes:

1. Prescribing the wrong dosage of medication

2. Prescribing the wrong medication

3. Providing medications not prescribed

4. Prescribing multiple medicines with complications when taken together

5. Wrong site surgery

6. Surgery on the wrong patient

7. Performing wrong procedure on patient

8. Medical devices improperly left in patient’s body

9. Non medical objects left in patient’s body

10. Sexual molestation of patient

11. Voyeurism of patients

12. Physical attacks on patients by other patients

13. Physical attacks on patients by staff

14. Physical attacks on patients by others

15. Injury caused by contaminated medical devices

16. Injury caused by

17. Providing the wrong type blood to a patient

18. Patient suicide while under medical care

19. Patient elopement from the facility

20. Child or incompetent patient discharged to wrong person

21. Child or incompetent patient abducted from facility

22. Injuries from recalled medical devices after known danger is apparent

23. Health care provider imposters providing medical care

24. Patient falls from failure to take apparent fall precautions

25. Bedsores from failure to maintain skin integrity of at risk patients

26. Injuries from the use of patient restraints

27. Injuries from burns in healthcare facility

28. Improper placement of venous line in artery

29. Infection from lack of appropriate sanitary precautions

30. Birth related death or injury in low risk pregnancy

Source: National Quality Forum.

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