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An exploding “electronic cigarette” severely injured a Florida man recently when it blew up in his mouth, according to sources. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free devices designed to help smokers kick their habit. It simulates cigarette smoke with a heated mist that has the sensation and flavor of cigarettes.

Tim Holloway, 57, of Niceville, Florida was using the electronic cigarette at his home when it exploded in his mouth, according to North Bay Fire Chief Joseph Parker. It knocked out several of his teeth, took a chunk out of his tongue and severely burned his face.

“The best analogy is like it was trying to hold a bottle rocket in your mouth when it went off,” said Parker. “The battery flew out of the tube and set the closet on fire.”

Investigators do not yet know the brand of the electronic cigarettes, or what type of battery was in it. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a warning on these electronic cigarettes warning that they can be addictive or contain harmful chemicals, but nothing about them exploding. This is the first documented incident with these devices, but considering the risk, maybe these companies need to look into whether or not this could happen again. If there is a chance these defective products may injure more people, the manufacturers must take action.

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  1. Gravatar for Jeff

    The e-cigarette the man was using is likely a "mod" and not one of the more common units normally available for sale.

    A mod uses li-ion batteries and many have no protective circuitry to keep the batteries from a short or over-current condition.

    Regular e-cigs have these circuits, some batteries also have them and are called "Protected" batteries.

    A mod can be bought from some suppliers; they are also easily made. Either way, protected batteries need to be used.

  2. Gravatar for Amanda Fleming
    Amanda Fleming

    Thank you for posting this story. The FDA should definitely issue a more serious warning.

  3. Gravatar for Jeff

    The rest of the story:

    The thing in this story that makes it sound fishy is the fact that no one seems to know the brand of e-cig involved. If I had one of these explode causing the injuries suffered by Mr. Holloway, someone would know at the very least where or from whom I bought it.

    If there's a defective e-cig out there, then indeed, it needs to be known and the manufacturer needs to correct the flaws that cause it to explode. However, given the lack of a named brand or supplier thus far in this incident, I say again this was either a home-built mod or a poorly designed one bought elsewhere, combined with the use of unprotected batteries. One may as well deliberately take out ones cellphone battery and short it out to achieve the same effect.

  4. Gravatar for May Fia Bano
    May Fia Bano

    Totally agree with the likelihood of a mod or unprotected batteries. Batteries have been problematic in everything from autos to cell phones. As far as the FDA warning, yes, nicotine is addictive Mr. Wotten but in reference to chemicals a typical eCigarette has about 4k less and they aren't burning! The hot link you have referencing "these defective products" in your posting is showing a lack of due diligence in investigating as well as a lack of information on eCigarettes themselves. Google ecf forum for a good place to learn about the devices in question. Leave the fear mongering to the media.

  5. Gravatar for Fred

    I was looking up this article and it traveled all over the world. Here is the Russian version. Let me know when you stop laughing.

    Electronic cigarette explodes in the mouth of American, as his face severely burned, and killed several of his front teeth and tore part of his tongue, officials said.

    According to the local fire chief probably has exploded battery of cigarettes, the brand is not specified.

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