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Child Killed at Bus Stop

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Monday afternoon a sixth grade student was struck by a sport utility vehicle and killed after exiting a school bus. The bus stopped to let the children off on a busy road in Osceola County. The boy crossed the the street. Then, as the bus pulled away the student tried to run back to the other side. This is when he was struck by a Range Rover SUV. The newspaper article in the Orlando Sentinel did not report, and maybe no one knows, why the boy decided to run out into the street. This is likely one of many questions the family must be asking.

Surely this child is not 100% responsible for this tragedy. According to the article, the driver of the SUV swerved trying to avoid the child. No criminal or traffic charges will be filed against the driver the article reports. But, had the driver been more careful, could this have been avoided? Simply because no charges were filed by law enforcement does not mean wrongdoers are not responsible in the civil courts. Should the driver be held responsible, at least partially? What about the school board? Does the school board have a duty to drop children off away from dangerous intersections? Kids will be kids. Shouldn’t the school board buses drop kids off at stops aways from busy congested highways?

We sincerely hope the family of the youngster involved in this horrible event gets through this difficult time with the support of their other family members, friends, and the community. We hope they have their questions answered.