Orlando, Florida


Mike Damaso

Senator Bill Nelson Calls For More Action In Airbag Recall

Senator Nelson Demands Car Manufacturers Take More Action In light of the Recent Faulty Airbag Recalls You have to commend U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla) who said, “You fix it and fix it right,” on the second day of his campaign [...]
Mike Damaso

4.7 Million Vehicles With Airbags That May Not Deploy

Many of us feel safe when we are behind the wheel of our vehicles because we know manufacturers have designed our cars to protect us in the event of an accident. We assume that in the event of a significant impact the airbags will deploy as [...]
Ed Normand

Insurance Policy Provides Coverage for Legionnaires Disease

The Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that a comprehensive general liability policy covering a hotel must provide insurance coverage for the death of a tourist visiting Orlando from England who died after contracting Legionnaires [...]
Council Wooten

Family of Electrocuted Girl Files Suit against Time Share

The family of an 11-year-old girl who was electrocuted to death at Orange Lakes Resort in Orlando has filed a wrongful death suit, according to sources. The girl was on vacation with her family, playing miniature golf at a time share resort, [...]
Orman Kimbrough

Recent Parasailing Death Stirs Painful Memories for One Family

The recent parasailing accident fatality of Kathleen Miskell in Florida has caught the national media’s attention and has forced one family to relive some painful memories, according to the Sun-Sentinel.com. Miskell was killed after [...]
Council Wooten

Yamaha Found To Be Liable In Wrongful Death

A Florida court recently found Yamaha Motor Corporation USA at fault in a products liability case after a boating accident, which resulted in the wrongful death of a 14-year-old girl. Two riders on a Yamaha Jet Ski lost control and were thrown [...]
Orman Kimbrough

SeaWorld Orlando Charged With A “Willful Violation” In Trainer’s Death

A trainer who was injured in an accident at SeaWorld involving a killer whale does not hold the park accountable, according to Reuters. Ken Peters was nearly drowned by a whale in California in 2006 and testified on November 15 as SeaWorld is [...]
Orman Kimbrough

Investigation into Disney World Monorail Accident Concludes

Officials have determined that a lack of safety protocols lead to a 2009 monorail accident at Walt Disney World, which resulted in the death of a 21-year-old park employee, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The two-and-a-half year investigation [...]
Mark Willingham

Alcohol and Energy Drinks: An Unrecognized Danger

What if there was a way to feel intoxicated and wide-awake at the same time? What if a drinker could party until dawn without feeling the fatigue brought on by alcohol consumption? Would this be enticing for young drinkers? Would this help perpetuate [...]
Ed Normand

The Dangers of Legionnaires’ disease

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease at an Orlando hotel serves to remind us about this dangerous disease: The Orange County Health Department says two laboratory-confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease are linked to the [...]