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Ed Normand

Hospital Never Events: What To Do When Never Happens To You

Medical malpractice is the eighth leading cause of death in the United States. Yet it is estimated that less than 15% of all victims of medical malpractice ever file a lawsuit. Most malpractice causes more injury which then causes more medical [...]
Diego Madrigal

Spinal Injuries in Summer Months

An interesting article, written mainly for the benefit of spinal surgeons, sheds some light on trends in Spinal cord injuries, specifically during the summer months. Some of the more interesting tidbits are that patients’ viisits to [...]
Ed Normand

The Court Rulings Nobody Hears About: Listen Up!

We see them frequently: headlines about large verdicts awarding millions of dollars in damages. We hear about the McDonald’s case, or others where, supposedly large amounts of money are awarded for minor injuries. Problem is, that is where [...]