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Be Careful Where You Let Your Crocs Wander

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Do you or your children wear the comfortable Crocs? If so, be aware there are more and more reports of people, and especially children, getting thier Crocs or similar shoeware , caught in escalators or similar moving walkways. The Associated Press reports that the flexibility and grip that makes Crocs so popular is what puts the wearer at risk for entrapment to occur. Some of the injuries reported have included, a child’s toe being ripped off, an child’s toenail being pulled off and another child foot being gashed.

Some businesses are posting signs warning about the hazards of sandals and Crocs (or similar brand shoes) on moving stairs and walkways. In one retail store catering to children a sign is posted advising customers wearing flip flop sandals or Crocs to use the elevators.

SO be aware and be careful – a child should always ride an escalator with an adult, hold the adult’s hand and stand in the middle of the step so the feet do not touch the sides or front of a step.

For more information on this subject, please review our section on Premises Liability / Slip & Fall.