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Orman Kimbrough

Motorcycle Awareness Month Applies to All Motorists

"I hear the same stories over and over again,” Jim Gladstone says in the video above. Gladstone is the president of West Coast ABATE of Florida, a non-profit organization that promotes motorcycle safety. His comments were made [...]
Council Wooten

Four Killed In Motorcycle Accidents At Biketober Fest

Florida State Troopers continue to investigate a motorcycle accident that claimed the lives of two people, according to WDBO.com. The accident occurred in Daytona Beach at the end of the annual Biketober Fest. An unidentified man and woman [...]
Diego Madrigal

Motorcycle Safety Tips

In the summer months, many people enjoy a ride on their motorcycles as the weather is warm and the outdoors is inviting. However, many trips end in regret as there is an increased amount of motorcyle accidents occuring during the summer months [...]
Ed Normand

Summary of Florida Motorcycle Helmet and Insurance Laws

If an adult meets certain insurance standards under their motorcycle policy, Florida law does not require that person to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Most bikers are safer riders and yet, sadly, they can still get hurt by careless [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Do You Meet Florida Requirements to Ride a Motorcycle Without a Helmet?

If you are riding a motorcylcle in Florida, you might not have to wear a helmet. In 2000, Florida changed its helmet law to exclude riders who are 21 or older and have an insurance policy providing for at least $10,000 in medical benefits for [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is promoting May as National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With motorcycle deaths on a steady climb since 1997 to a total of 5,154 in 2007, NHTSA’s main mission is aimed at [...]
Diego Madrigal

Man Dies in ATV Accident

On the heels of our recent post regarding increasing ATV accidents, tragedy has struck a local family. A man riding his ATV in Ocoee, apparently had an accident and died at the hospital from traumatic head injuries sustained during his wreck. [...]
Diego Madrigal

Proposed Law Could Cause Motorcyclists their Bikes

A new proposal could result in bikers losing their motorcycles. A bill sponsored by Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera of Miami calls for motorcyclists to be arrested and have their bikes confiscated if they are charged with reckless driving [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Recommendations for No Helmet Laws Made

In a letter to Governor Charlie Crist dated October 3, 2007, it has been recommended that the State of Florida rescind its no helmet law. The letter says that the statistics show these no helmet laws are deadly. The Safety Board is concerned [...]
Mike Damaso

Motorcyclist Dead After Impact with SUV and Crushed by Car

The Orlando Sentinel has reported that a motorcyclist was killed in a collision that occurred shortly after 10:00 p.m. last Saturday night near Deltona, Florida. A GMC Yukon SUV was traveling eastbound when the driver attempted to make a left [...]