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Florida Begins Two-Year Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle registration in Florida can now be extended to a two-year period rather than the one year that has always been available. Of course if you had been to the tag office in person anytime between now and last January, this option would have been already made available to you. However, it only became available for on-line renewals last month.

If you opt for the two-year renewal, the decal for your license plate will have an additional year added to it, saving you time next year when your birthday rolls around. So far there have been almost 500,000 drivers who opted for the two-year registration.

The website for on-line renewal is www.gorenew.com.

Effective October 1st there will be another change for drivers who apply for a license in the State of Florida – they will be required to show proof of a Social Security number. The Division of Drivers Licenses will no longer accept a license from another state or an id. card as proof of identification for the license application.

“The benefits of enhanced identity protection will far outweigh the inconvenience of providing additional proof of identification,” said Sandra Lambert, director of the Division of Driver Licenses.