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Dangers Of Falling Objects In Roller Coasters

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A danger in roller coasters is that many times riders will get hit from objects dropped by other riders. Most roller coasters including the Orlando theme park roller coasters such as Dragon Challenge (formerly Dueling Dragons), The Hulk, Kraken, Space Mountain and others have instructions to riders to store away loose objects. Some have lockers and some ride attendants are supposed to look out for loose objects.

Frequently, ride operators will ignore or fail to address loose objects that riders are holding or the storage space in the coaster will not be sufficient to hold the objects. When this happens objects can hurtle out of the ride at a very high speed. The falling objects are moving so fast they could actually cause severe head injuries, blindness, or even death. Roller Coasters can and should be designed to prevent falling objects from hitting other riders or pedestrians below. It is a matter of design of the ride and this is well known as a danger to design a ride around to prevent injury.

There are known industry standard procedures that should be followed to maximize rider safety . Theme parks especially Disney, Universal and SeaWorld should know and practice these safety rules, procedures and should use best designs to prevent theme park roller coaster accidents.