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Cocoa Beach Attorney – The Worst Kind of Representation

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida attorney, Andrew Meynhart of Cocoa Beach, was arrested Friday for grand theft for stealing settlement funds from a 9-year-old client.

The young boy was awarded a $100,000 settlement in the death of his father resulting from an auto accident back in 2006. According to the report, Mr. Meynhard was successful in obtaining the settlement, but has not distributed the funds and has sent false trust account reports to the deceased’s estate back in Iowa. Actual bank statements showed on only $20.00 in the account.

This type of activity is reprehensible by any officer of the court and is not only considered grand theft, but is also a strict violation of the The Florida Bar Rules.

The Florida Bar serves "to protect the public from unethical lawyers" and the Florida Bar Rules are very specific as to an attorney’s fiduciary responsibilites to his/her client. It was The Florida Bar that revoked Mr. Meynhart’s license to practice law earlier this year.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Very sad deal to see the injustices that this child faced now on multiple occasions. It’s important that this be watched and punished.