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Inflatable Ride Burn Prevention

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I have received a number of concerns regarding children burning themselves while playing in/on inflatable rides. Here’s a list of ways to protect your child from getting burned while they enjoy themselves on an inflatable ride this summer.

  • When being set up by the inflatable slide company – ensure that the inflatable is being kept away from direct sunlight and ensure that it’s covered by shade.

  • Feel the inside and outside of the inflatable ride to see how hot it is. If it burns you, do not let anyone in/on until it has cooled off.

  • Do not pour water to cool off the inflatable. An air blower powers the slide – water and electrical devices, obviously, do not mix.

  • Supervision, supervision, supervision. There have been instances of parents leaving their children unattended inside of a bounce house asleep. Not a good idea. The inflatable is not a bed. Not only can a child get burned, but if the inflatable deflates, it could trap and suffocate the child.

While putting water on the inflatable seems like a good idea, consumers indicated that water was a false security blanket. While it did cool the inflatable’s vinyl covering, it only did so for a few minutes, before the area was hot again.

-Jason Amusement Safety Organization

1 Comment

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  1. Ken Martin says:
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    Some Inflatable slides are manufactured as a water slides. When ordering or buying any slide insist on one with a sun screen.

    The best advice is not to use the slide during the heat of the day. Also some manufacturers supply mats to use on a slide.

    Any electrical product used outdoors is required to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit. That is one of those funny looking electrical outlets that you see in bathrooms or kitchens. Their purpose is to instantaneously cut off the electricity in the event of a short or other electrical problem. The blowers are usually positioned at the rear of slide, so as long as you use the slide per manufacture instruction you should be fine.