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Missouri Seeks to Increase Liability for Abortion Malpractice

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Proposed legislation in Missouri increase the liability caps in medical malpractice cases for cases of abortion malpractice. . Under the present medical malpractice caps in Missouri, pain and suffering damage awards are capped at $350,000. The new law would make the caps invalid in claims of abortion related medical malpractice.
Obviously this will be a hot topic and highly debated between the pro life and pro choice political factions. But more importantly one should consider why there should be such artificial caps at all in any case. It is well documented that most malpractice is committed by a tiny fraction of the medical community. Most physicians are honest and careful. Some are just the opposite, These physicians should be held accountable for all of the suffering they cause by negligence-whether in the context of negligently performing an abortion or, for example, an unnecessary surgery performed solely to make money. Either way a wrong is committed and there should be a remedy to seek redress for the problem. Otherwise only the claims of large wage earners like actor John Ritter in the post below will be allowed because the limits do not apply to those claims. Why then should an actor or corporate executive get fully compensated for lost earnings caused by medical neglect but the claim for a hard working mother and homemaker or a child who do not have lost earnings claims be capped?