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Bausch & Lomb Fungus Enters Europe

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New cases of the fusarium keratitis fungus have been confirmed in Europe. The cases represent the first time the company has acknowledged European incidents of the infection, which has struck Bausch solution users in Asia and the U.S. The outbreak has led the company to halt shipments of one of its products, ReNu with MoistureLoc, in several countries and to scrutinize a manufacturing plant in South Carolina for a possible explanation of the infection.

It isn’t clear yet whether the European cases underlie a higher-than-normal incidence of the infection, which researchers say occurs in the general population at a low frequency. But the cases could broaden scrutiny of Bausch, since the previous incidents of Fusarium occurred in markets supplied by the company’s Greenville, S.C., plant. Now the company’s Milan plant, which supplies the European, Middle Eastern and African markets, could become a focus, too.