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1 out of 15 Hospitalized Children May Be Harmed by Drug Mistakes

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A new detection mechanism for harmful or incorrect use of medicines in hospitals has shown that 1 in 15 hospitalized children are the victims of mix-ups,
overdoses, and harmful reactions to drugs prescribed during hospital
stays. This translates to 540,000 kids afflicted every year. The report
also indicates:

Patient safety experts said the problem is likely even
bigger than the study suggests because it involved only a review of
selected charts.Also, the study didn’t include general community
hospitals, where most U.S. children requiring hospitalization are

Luckily, most of the reactions are not severe and cause no damage.
But, there is always the potential that something tragic could occur.
When children are admitted to a hospital it is definitely a worrisome
and troubling time for parents. This news will surely make that time
even more stressful, however the best way to ensure something like this
is prevented is to ask caregivers what they are giving your child and
why when they treat your child.