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Patricia Doherty

Avoid Muscle Weakness Ailment That Often Leads to Nursing Home Care

The most common reasons senior citizens require nursing home care are muscle weakness, known as sarcopenia, osteoporosis and dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease. While there has been publicity on osteoporosis and dementia, Americans know very little about Sarcopenia – age related loss of muscle mass. To minimize muscle loss as you age participate in strength training, eat a healthy diet, low…

Chrissie Cole

Nursing Home Faces Manslaughter Charges

If Julia McCauley,74, had been wearing the monitoring bracelet prescribed by her doctor, authorities believe the elderly resident of Life Care Center would not have plummeted to her death down a stairwell on April 17, 2004.Life Care Centers of America was indited with criminal manslaughter charges due to the workers at the Acton Life Care Center acting recklessly by not making sure the woman…