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Mike Damaso

Senator Bill Nelson Calls For More Action In Airbag Recall

Senator Nelson Demands Car Manufacturers Take More Action In light of the Recent Faulty Airbag Recalls You have to commend U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla) who said, “You fix it and fix it right,” on the second day of his campaign [...]
Mike Damaso

Father Files Appeal against Disney on Son’s Behalf

Hoping to Expose the Danger of Liability Waivers with Exculpatory Clauses On November 8, 2006, Owen Peterson, then 22, was walking through a trade show at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  On this particularly windy day, an advertising balloon, [...]
Council Wooten

NFL Joins Military in Collecting Brain Injury Data

The video above is from a memorial held at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on May 11, 2012, for former NFL star Junior Seau. His May 2 death was ruled a suicide, and authorities said he shot himself in the chest with a .357-caliber Magnum [...]
Mike Damaso

Sports related head injuries – Safebrain Here to Help

Over the past few months we have written several posts about head injuries, concussions and brain impairments from sports related trauma. In response to our last post, we were contacted by a representative of a Canadian company that is doing [...]
Council Wooten

NFL, NHL Player Deaths Shed Light on Substance Abuse Issues for TBI Victims

Recovering from one traumatic brain injury (TBI) is challenging enough, but Jan Michelle Brown explains in the video above how she recovered from two TBIs. Furthermore, while recovering from the brain injuries, she was also trying to overcome [...]
Ed Normand

Football Player’s Death Calls Attention to Depression Caused by TBIs

video platform video management video solutions video player This is an ABC News report discussing the death of former National Football League (NFL) linebacker Junior Seau, who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on May 2, 2012. [...]
Council Wooten

Parents Have the Power to Prevent Bullying

This is a trailer for the documentary “Bully,” which was released last month and has garnered much national attention. While many people have an understandable tendency to dismiss bullying as just being a part of growing up, it [...]
Council Wooten

Today’s 24 Hours Dedicated to Injury That Occurs Every 21 Seconds

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and today is Brain Injury Awareness Day. As noted in the video above from the traumatic brain injury (TBI) information website Brainline.org, somebody suffers a TBI every 21 seconds in the United States [...]
Orman Kimbrough

Worker Dies at Orlando’s Magical Midway Thrill Park

An accident at the Magical Midway Thrill Park recently claimed the life of a worker after he fell while working on the I-Drive amusement ride. The accident investigation is ongoing, but early reports state that the incident occurred around [...]
Ed Normand

Tired of Debt Collectors: Sue Em!

With the national unemployment rate at around 12% many Americans are getting behind in their bills. While most of us try to protect our credit, sometimes even good people get late in paying bills. Sadly, many debt collectors resort to unfair [...]