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World Record For Man Hit By Car

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There are many ways to get in the Guinness Book of World Records but some seem easier than others. A good Samaritan who stopped to help out the victims of an auto accident made it the hard way. The man was hit by a car and thrown in the air for 118 feet–a world record. The distance entitled him to a world record actually called “Greatest Distance Thrown in a Car Accident” . Thankfully the man lived. His injuries included two shoulder dislocations, fractures to a shoulder, pelvis, leg and tailbone. Although the car accident happened in 2003 the award was first included in 2008. I don’t think there will be a lot of competitors seeking to oust him from that title.

From a legal perspective some may find it interesting that the rescue doctrine makes the person who caused the initial car crash fully responsible, along with the striking driver in the second accident, for the injuries sustained by this nice man who only stopped to help out after a crash. This policy makes sense. It encourages us to help out our fellow man and after all, but for the initial negligence, there would have been no crash and so no need to rescue anyone.