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What else can we do to get teens to wear seatbelts?

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In another tragic auto accident, a Central Florida teen lost her life after she was thrown from a vehicle driven by another teenage girl. The teenage driver remains in serious condition after she was pulled from the burning wreckage.

The seventeen year old who died was the daughter of a Winter Haven police lieutenant and the driver was the daughter of Polk county firefighter. It was reported that neither teenager was wearing her seat belt.

Now you know that these emergency responders must have preached regularly to their daughters that wearing seat belts is not an option because they save lives. There are also state and nationally sponsored programs to promote teen driver safety such as National Teen Driver Safety Week, a governors’ sponsored program, Take the Wheel, a safe teen driving website designed by the from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and programs at the local high schools promoting safe teen driving. It seems that nothing any one says or does seems to get through to them that seat belts save lives.

What are you telling your teens when the leave the house with the keys to the car? Are they listening? We can only hope so.