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What Causes Automobile Accidents?

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Most motor vehcile collisions can be avoided. To help you avoid an accident it helps to know the causes. The main factors causing most car accidents are Driver behavior, Poor Roadway Maintenance, Road Design and Equipment Failure. More than 95% of car wrecks (motor vehicle accident, MVA, in the USA or Road Traffic Accident, RTA in Europe) result in some part from driver behavior along with one or more of the other factors. The majority involved excessive speed or aggressive driving.

Some of the most common driver behaviors that lead to accidents, serious injuries and wrongful death include speeding, aggressive tailgating, impaired driving, failure to signal, failure to follow traffic control devices and unsafe lane changes. As our roads get more crowded it is important be patient, slow down, be courteous and don’t get upset – avoid being a highway statistic.

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