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What Car Insurance Does Florida Require? Is it Enough?

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    Did you know that in Florida, automobile owners are not required to carry bodily injury liability coverage?   The only insurance that Florida requires is property damage and, effective January 1, 2008, personal injury protection coverage.  So, if an auto driver negligently causes an accident, they may not have any insurance  to compensate you for injuries they caused.  To put this in perspective – if a drunk driver crosses the center line and seriously injures you or a family member, the drunk driver may not have any insurance to compensate you. Liability coverage for bodily injury is totally voluntary.  Interesting that the Florida law requires insurance to protect against damage to property but not for damage to a person.

    Even though Florida does not require liability insurance, you can protect yourself against  such uninsured drivers by purchasing  uninsured motorist coverage, aka UM.  UM coverage protects you if you are injured in a car accident by a negligent driver who did not have liability coverage or did not have sufficient liability coverage.  Make sure you know what auto insurance coverage is available and what protects you from negligent drivers who cause an automobile accident but don’t have liability coverage, by speaking with your insurance agent, an attorney or by through your own research. Stay informed!