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Summer Vacation Ends Tragically for High School Teens

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Two Bloomingdale High School teens are dead and two seriously injured in a two-car accident. It was reported that none of them were wearing their seatbelts. This fact was very disheartening for Prinicpal Mark West who said they are constantly reinforcing the wearing of seatbelts at school. He was quoted as saying “We try so hard with seatbelt campaigns to stress that issue. We have a buckle up bulls sign for kids when they leave.”

The two deceased, a 15 year old young girl and a 17 year old male, were supposedly driving side by side when they collided into each other, sending their vehicles in opposite directions. One vehicle crashed into a tree; the other went threw a fence, flipped over and the top was ripped off. Both drivers were thrown from their vehicles and were pronounced dead at the scene. The two injured, a 16 year old girl and 17 year old boy, were transported to Tampa General Hospital, the girl in serious condition and the boy in critical condition.

Because of the two deaths, grief counselors will be available for students when school resumes in two weeks, and the seatbelt safety campaign will continue. We can only hope that more students will listen this time.