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Speed Limit May Not Have Been Posted In Deadly I-4 Crash

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All may not be as it appears in a deadly car crash I blogged about a few weeks ago.  A recent comment on my post by a man claiming to be the father of the driver states that there was no speed limit sign posted on the exit.  I am very familiar with the exit ramp in question and it has a very severe curve which drivers must carefully navigate.  Drivers who are unfamiliar with the exit will likely rely on that speed limit sign in order to let them know about how dangerous and severe the curve is.  This would be especially true in rainy conditions, such as those on the night of the accident.  Although the lack of a speed limit sign does not necessarily excuse the driver from speeding, some of the fault might belong elsewhere if he was unfamiliar with the exit and had no way of knowing the safe speed for the ramp.