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Minimum Required Florida Car Accident Insurance

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The newspapers have been writing about the expiration of the requirement to purchase Personal Injury Protection insurance or no fault automobile accident insurance coverage (PIP) in Florida. While there is debate even among personal injury lawyers about the merits of PIP and its expiration there is also confusion regarding what coverage is required once PIP is gone on October 1st. Originally the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles said that no auto accident insurance would be required in Florida. Most experienced lawyers who handle auto accident injury cases felt the Department was wrong about that. Sure enough, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles now confirms that the expiration of PIP auto insurance coverage will not eliminate mandatory auto insurance coverage in Florida. Florida has and will continue to require property damage liability insurance coverage for every vehicle operated in Florida. Amazingly, Florida does not require bodily injury liability auto insurance.

Regardless of whether the lawmakers revive PIP despite they need to make bodily injury liability coverage mandatory. it should be a no brainer. If you operate a motor vehicle you need to have insurance to pay if you hurt someone else. PIP did not provide this protection but the lawmakers can protect the innocent auto accident victims by requiring mandatory bodily injury liability coverage in its place.

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