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Insurance Companies Denying Payment For Jaws Of Life

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Jaws of life are used by fire and rescue personnel as part of their lifesaving work in extricating victims from accident wreckage. The goal is to prevent and minimize injury to victims as part of the medical rescue effort. Amazingly, it seems that auto insurance companies are denying coverage for the bill for Jaws of Life refusing to pay even as part of medical coverage purchased under the policy. Medical coverage applies to the ambulance bill and the services of rescue personnel why then should their equipment not be covered? After all the ambulance bill includes coverage for the cost of the ambulance vehicle. Should Jaws of Life be treated any different. We want to encourage rescue personnel to have the best equipment and to use it. To deny medical coverage reimbursement may result in rescue personnel not purchasing or not using these rescue devices. Surely that is not a goal of our insurance system nor is it the expectation of the consumer buying the insurance.