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Heavy Rains Cause Two Semi-Tractor Accidents

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Two tractor-trailers crashed in unrelated accidents at the same overpass on I-4 in Winter Park last night.

At about 11:30 pm a semi lost control on the Wymore overpass and crashed into the guardrail. The tractor ended up hanging over Wymore Road. There were no reports on the condition of the driver, but it took workers serveral hours to clean up the fuel spill.

Then at 3:30 am another tractor-trailer went into a skid, drove through the guardrail, down the embankment and crashed into the building of an interior design business. The driver was not injured, but was pretty scared by the whole ordeal -

“It was scary. It’s really dangerous out here. Anything can happen, you know. Once you’re on the road you aren’t guaranteed you’ll make it back,” he said.

Florida Highway Patrol investigating the accident said they have complained about this section of I-4 many times. They think the pavement is too smooth and due to the curve and the slope of the road right there, semi drivers have compensate for the weight of the truck and often lose control. According to FHP, DOT has been contacted and there comment was “It’s in the works” or “It’s in the future.”

Let hope it doesn’t take a major traffic accident with multiple deaths before this part of the road gets resurfaced.