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Florida Launches New Website Aimed at Teen Drivers – Is Your High School Aware of It?

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Earlier this month the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) launched its new website, TakeTheWheel.net , developed by teens for teens. The website challenges teenage drivers to take charge when they are behind the wheel and not let outside influences effect they way they drive.

"Learning good driving habits from the beginning is essential," said Director of the Florida Highway Patorl, Colonel John Czernis. "It is up to parents, teachers, law enforcement officers and other teens to stress to new drivers that with the privilege of driving comes a great amount of responsibility."

The very first page has the following message:

  • Every 55 seconds a teenager is injured in a car crash
  • Every 6.5 minutes a teenager is killed in a car crash

The website also offers teens tips on safe driving habits, testimonials from other teens on the consequences of auto accidents, and a road rules driving quiz, as well as a host of other information. It also gives teens a place to post their own driving experiences, either in video or text format.

What’s a little disappointing is that I had heard nothing about the new site until I was researching Teenage Driving Safety Week. Have you heard about the website from your local newspaper, your teenager or through the local high school? If not, I think they are missing a chance to promote teenage safe driving through a medium with which they are so familiar.