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19 out of 27 Auto Deaths over Memorial Day Not Wearing Seatbelts

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The Florida Highway Patrol says there were 27 deaths over the 96 hour Memorial Day weekend.  Shockingly 19 of those 27 people were not wearing seatbelts.  It is amazing that despite statistics such as these, people still do not always buckle up.  Hopefully people will use this as a learning experience and discover that seat belts really do help save lives.  Although wearing your safety belt does not guarantee you will survive a crash, it would certainly help prevent many of the ejections that occur and lead to deaths.  It is a requirement in Florida to buckle up.  In fact, if you are injured as a result of an accident that is not your fault, a jury could place some of the blame on your for not wearing a seatbelt.  This would result in a jury award being reduced by whatever percentage it is that the jury blames on you for your injuries.  This makes sense because if one were wearing their belt, then they would not have been injured as badly.  So please please, always wear your seat belts.