Orlando, Florida


Ed Normand

Prescription for Disaster

A recent study shows that prescription medication related deaths have drastically increased in the last two decades. The deaths from prescription drugs increased over 3000 percent! Many of the deaths involved the use of prescription opiates [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Do You Walk and Text at the Same Time?

From time to time we may all feel like a klutz and say we can’t walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. But how many of you actually walk and text at the same time? If you are one of the many who do, the members of the American College [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Do Crane Operators Need More Regulation and Inspection?

Another crane collapsed this week-end in at the Titusville Municipal Marina. Fortunately there were no injuries this time. There was a diesel oil spill that was being sopped up from the by an environmental cleanup crew to prevent it from spreading [...]
Ed Normand

Legal Issues in Food Litigation

Food litigation is becoming an increasingly important area in the law. The recent salmonella outbreak is a classic example. Many consumers are surprised to learn that many deaths and permanent physical injuries happen each year from food borne [...]
Diego Madrigal

Giuliani’s Son Sues Duke

Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has sued Duke University after getting kicked off of its golf team. In the federal lawsuit, Andrew alleges Duke violated its obligations to him as a student athlete. He seeks [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Have You Bought a New Car in Florida Since July 1st?

If you just bought a new or used vehicle and have a Temporary Florida Tag, do you have it in the back window? If you do, you are in violation of a new law that went into effect July 1. The new law states that your paper temporary tag should [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Orlando Jumps on Red Light Camera Band Wagon

The City of Orlando has announced the 7 locations of the 10 new red light cameras to be installed and operational by September 1st. The purpose of the red light cameras is to reduce the number of future accident caused by red light runners [...]
Mike Damaso

Web Network Hurting Clients

There has been some concern lately among attorneys regarding social internet networking and how it can either help or harm a legal case. An recent article in the Tampa Tribune / Tampa Bay Online gives some examples of how evidence obtained [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Florida Residents Sue Telemarketer

Florida’s Agriculture and Consumer Services Commission filed suit this week on behalf of Volusia County residents against the telemarketing firm Suite Choice, Inc. of Ormond Beach. The residents who are on the Florida “Do Not Call’ [...]
Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Dangerous Week-end on Florida Highways

While US drivers may be cutting back on their driving due to high gas prices, it hasn’t made it any safer to travel Florida’s highways. This past week was dangerous for many and deadly for a few drivers from Jacksonville to Bradenton. There [...]