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Mike Damaso

Teen Decapitated by Coaster at Six Flags Georgia

A 17-year-old from South Carolina was decapitated at Six Flags in Georgia on Saturday when a roller coaster traveling at full speed struck him in the head after he entered a restricted area. It is…

Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Wooten, Honeywell & Kimbrough Named Florida 2008 Super Lawyers

The new listing of Super Lawyers has been published and three of our attorneys have been selected for 2008 – Council Wooten, Jr., Dan H. Honeywell and Orman L. Kimbrough, Jr. The objective of the…

Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Florida Farms Battling Reports of Increased Salmonella Cases

While the Food and Drug Administration continues its investigation into the outbreak of Salmonella cases related to tomatoes, Florida farmers are increasingly losing money due to a lack of demand….

Diego Madrigal

High Schoolers Intentionally Hit Umpire; He Considers Legal Options

A high school baseball umpire in Georgia is considering taking legal action against two players who orchestrated hitting the umpire on purpose with a pitch. According to reports, the players were…

Diego Madrigal

Contingency Fees Are the Best Way to Prevent “Frivolous Lawsuits”

One of the big myths about trial lawyers is that they are the reason for the existence of "frivolous lawsuits." In reality, most economic studies show that trial lawyers, because of their fee…

Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Does Your Body Harbor Debris from a Medical Procedure?

Most of us have heard of the cases of a whole sponge or clamp that a surgical team has left in someone after surgery. But you may not be aware that there are times when only a piece of a piece of a…

Council Wooten

Is Raw Milk Safe?

Advocates of natural food contend that it is. As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, some users of raw milk apparently think thatit “contains beneficial microbes that treat everything from asthma to…

Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Golf Carts Not a Safe Fix to High Gas Prices

Golf carts as a means of every day transportation is increasing steadily as consumers try to find a way to beat the high price of gas. This is particarly so in Florida’s retirement communities such…

Sandy Grinnell, Staff Contributor

Large Tomatoes May Be Source of Salmonella

After interviewing consumers from several states who were ill from salmonella and those who were not, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has surmised that the source of the outbreak was large raw…

Ed Normand

Real Cases You Won’t Believe But Are True

I am going to periodically discuss facts (without names but call me if you want more info) about cases where you won’t believe that corporations or people can act so low.
For example, a family…