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Link Between Some Heartburn Drugs and Hip Injuries

A study published this week in The Jouranl of the American Medical Association, there is a connection between hip fractures and certain heartburn drugs such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid. All three medications are proton pump inhibitors. [...]
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Kava Kava lawsuit to be filed

I will be filing a lawsuit in Orlando this Tuesday December 19, 2006 against Nutraceutical Corporation and Chamberlin Foods of Orlando for their manufacturing and distribution of the dangerous kava kava supplement. Kava Kava, a plant indigenous [...]
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Kava Kava- A Dangerous Drug

Kava Kava, known for its mood enhancing capacity, is coming under increasing scrutiny after studies have shown it to cause liver toxicity, even death. There are many forms of Kava Kava and it can be ingested in pill form or liquid tea. Its [...]
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Polk County Corrections Officer Charged with Molesting Child

A Polk County Corrections officer has been charged with sexually molesting a victim under the age of 12. Officer Randy Gene Allen was arrested and charged with the crime on Monday. Allen is in jail with his bail set at $50,000 for each count
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Problems with Heart Stents

According to a Cleveland Clinic analysis, drug coated stents increase the risk of dangerous blood clots four to five times more than the bare metal stents. The analysis covered 6,675 patients in 9 trials involving Johnson & Johnson and [...]